C# Game: Blood and Iron

Blood and Iron is a 2D turn-based strategy war game made in a team of 5 for our Game Software Development III course. The team was Ross Radford, Jason Mandelbaum, Tami Hartshorn, Adam Watts, and myself. Above is the title screen.

The game was programmed using C# and XNA 4.0 from scratch. All art assets are our own. This project made use of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and TortoiseSVN software. My role in the project was to create the hexagonal grid and placement of pieces, as well as the possible moves display. I also became well versed in TortoiseSVN’s merge capabilities, and often fixed the merge conflicts when they appeared.

Above is the main menu. As you can see, there is a customize option. The game allowed players to create their own armies from the units we provided, and store them in text files. This allowed to player to play again and again with the army they liked the most. Also, by using the Battle Settings, the player could choose the map to play on.

Above is a live game screen. This shows the possible moves functionality. When a unit is moused over, the hexes that the unit can move to are displayed in red. There is also a terrain calculation that occurs, as the wooded hexes take up more movement points than the clear hexes.