Pizza Delivery System POS Simulation

The Pizza Delivery System project is a course-long project in a small team, designed to introduce students to simulated customer expectations and requirements. The premise of the project is that a pizza chain wants a point of sale (POS) system that will estimate and simulate prepping, cooking, and delivery times. The project is student designed, documented, and implemented based on the requirements document given. This project was done in Java using Eclipse and the Subclipse plug-in for subversion.

I worked in a group of 3 other students. This project taught me about collective code ownership; that is, everyone has a hand in almost every part of the code. I had never coded like that, and it was wonderful, especially since it grew naturally out of our teamwork. It really helped to have everyone checking your code once in a while, and even more so, knowing how the system worked as a whole. Several other groups floundered when it came time to integrate their subsystems they has coded separately, while most of our bugs were very specific typos or problems with copy-pasting.

This is our front screen for the system. It was intended, based on the requirements given, to be used on a touchscreen. Accordingly, our buttons are large.








This is the manager screen. As you can see, the buttons are in the same place to increase consistency in the GUI. The manager screen displays the report for the day thus far.