Professional Work

I currently work at Liberty Mutual Insurance as a developer. I am part of an internally facing team that develops mobile solutions for other branches of the company. Most of our projects are mobile apps for employees to improve their productivity.

Per company policy, I cannot reveal details of most of the work I do, as it accesses and displays confidential employee and company information.

A publicly available app I have worked on is the ‘LSM HQ’ app. You can find it in the Google Play Store here

My contributions to this project were mainly asset creation and alteration, content changes and updates, addition of banner images on the pages, and alteration of navigation structure from provided app code. This Android app was developed concurrently with the iOS version of the app (which you can find here).



I am required to state that I am an employee of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Group and I represent only myself and not the Company, its customers, partners or vendors. This application is entirely the property of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Group.